Student Ombudsman

Cyprus International University Student Ombudsman has gone into effect and students can easily access this Ombudsman over the Student Information System (SIS).

In cases when students believe they have not received proper treatment though they followed closely all the rules and regulations pertaining to student conduct on campus or other grievances related to the university regarding the current legislation, rules, practices and procedures that cause students to lose their rights and/or negatively affect their satisfaction with the university, the Office has been established to act as a bridge between the University administration and students to help them fully exercise their rights and to enable them to benefit from a modern education and training process. 

In this regard, Prof. Dr. Ömer Özkan from the Faculty of Law has been assigned to carry out the duties of the Student Ombudsman. 

Students are encouraged to resolve university concerns by contacting the relevant Course Advisor, Head of Department, Dean or Director of School/Institute, Director of Student  Development and Counseling Center and when they have depleted all these channels, they can contact the Student Ombudsman by emailing him at The Student Ombudsman will get back to you as soon as possible.