About Distance Education

Dear students,

On the account of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have announced that, as of 23 March 2020, lectures about the theoretical parts of the courses you have registered have been started to be delivered on the digital platform at our university. The aforementioned implementation will continue during the period that there is NO formal education.

By using the BigBlueButton (BBB) application integrated into the Moodle (https://moodle.ciu.edu.tr) system, the courses in the associate, undergraduate, and graduate programs continue synchronously (simultaneously) or asynchronously (not happening at the same time).

The user manual has been added to the Moodle homepage. You must read the manual to be able to follow the system more easily. Furthermore, you can send an e-mail to uzem@ciu.edu.tr for technical support. Also, information about the Big Blue Button application was shared on the Moodle homepage with the Moodle user manual and BBB102 Course “Big Blue Button Instructions for Students / Big Blue Button Directive for Students”.

Course materials and lectures (audio/video) are uploaded to the Moodle system weekly by the academic staff. Synchronous lectures are held at the times determined in your weekly course schedules. Also, the lectures given as part of the courses synchronously are recorded and offered for you to follow asynchronously as well. In addition to these, our faculty members are in contact with you during the student office hours of the courses determined before answering your questions.

To enable you to follow your lessons via distance education method, you should submit your quizzes and/or assignments/drawings to the academic staff responsible for the course through the system, in a digital environment, on the Moodle platform, to enable you to follow the topics covered at the end of each week's lessons and to provide the necessary support. In addition, the usage information of the course material carried out on the digital platform by the students registered to the course is also recorded in the system. In this way, your participation in the courses is followed by the academic staff.

The exams and the issues related to the evaluation of our students' success will be evaluated in accordance with the principle of "legally transparent, explainable and auditable principles" determined by the Senate of the University taking into account the learning outcomes of the related program and the subsequent processes, and will be shared with you in the process of the development of the epidemic.

As of today, it is envisaged that the exams are to be held in line with the calendar determined by the Senate after the COVID-19 outbreak.

To cover the course content of the courses that cannot be given by distance education method in the 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring semester, an intensive academic calendar will be prepared according to each program and shared with you after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Although it is planned to carry out qualifying exams, thesis monitoring committees and thesis defenses in graduate programs in its usual nature after the epidemic, they can also be held by the IGSR Institute in the digital environment if necessary on the condition that having the infrastructure and keeping a record of them to be overseen.

Click here to access the list of the courses taught via the Moodle system by distance education method.