Dear Students,

According to the decision taken by the TRNC Council of Ministers regarding the corona virus, the break in formal education at universities was extended until 30 April 2020. Lectures will continue to be provided on our university's digital platform (Moodle).

Our students staying in CIU Residence Halls on campus continue to benefit from the dormitory services as usual. In addition, the cafeteria, restaurants and cafes / canteens will continue to provide services alternately.

During this period, the security, health and all kinds of consultancy services of our students staying on campus will continue to a limited extent. In line with the needs of our students, consultancy services can be obtained from 0548 858 95 74 or 0 548 858 95 89 or  0548 858 95 68.

In line with the recommendations made by the authorities, we suggest that our students should follow hygiene rules for precautionary measures, keep away from the crowd as much as possible, and spend their time in dorm rooms or at home.

Due to the break in education, if necessary, the Academic Calendar for the Spring semester 2019-2020 will be updated and announced on our website.

As of March 19, 2020, at 14:00, all land, sea and air entry gates were closed until April 30, 2020 to all citizens of other countries except the TRNC citizens including their spouses and children whether they are TRNC citizens or not. Our students who have left TRNC will be required to act in accordance with the decisions taken by the TRNC government on their return to TRNC after April 30, 2020.

Information about any new developments that may occur during this period will be shared with you on our University's website and social media accounts.

We wish you healthy days.