About the Program

The aim of the Ph. D. program in Nutrition and Dietetics is to train qualified dietitians in the fields of nutrition, diet and dietetics, collective nutrition systems and community nutrition by studying cause and effect relationship and having analytical thinking ability. The aim of this program is to improve the functional nutritional health of patients; to help participants gain healthy lifestyle habits; to protect the health of society throughout life; to develop and increase the quality of life; to provide quality and adequate nutrition for individuals or groups in health and with disease; to help participants gain advanced knowledge and skills for the establishment of food safety management systems; to conduct research, apply and train faculty members to work at academic positions in universities.

Education Opportunities

In the context of the Ph. D. program in Nutrition and Dietetics, covers topics such as identification and evaluation of nutritional status and nutrition problems of the community, identification of priorities, improvement of nutritional status of the community, exploration of solutions to improve the quality of life, developing solution alternatives and evaluating cost benefit assessment and making recommendations and implementing these proposals defining food and nutrition policies and implementing adaptation activities, doing nutrition analysis and evaluation, identifying nutritional requirements of different age groups, preparating, implementing and following- up person-specific diets for various diseases, performing management and organizational activities at institutions providing public nutrition services, providing menu management-supervision, and having hygiene and sanitation. Also, implementation of research activities are carried out and advanced level information is provided.

Career Areas

Students completing the Ph.D. program in Nutrition and Dietetics can find the opportunity to work in various private and public institutions at adult and pediatric clinics of public and private hospitals, planning clinically determined medical nutrition therapy of patients, training, supervising and evaluating, bulk feeding systems to provide nutritional needs of the patients and appropriate to the needs of other segments of society in the maintenance of health in formulation of policies at the community level, improvement and enhancement of the quality of life to provide students with the ability to determine the nutritional status in society and to evaluate the problems, to determine the priorities, to find solutions, the composition and structure of nutrients, metabolism in the body, the nutritional needs of people throughout the life cycle, the effects of nutrients on health, the health of individuals and society by minimizing the risk of diseases, preserving and improving the health of individuals and society by minimizing the disease risk of nutrients, nutritional needs of people throughout the life cycle, metabolism in the body, nutrient composition and structure of nutrients, determination of priorities, finding solutions. Also, they can work at universities as a doctoral and academic staff member after graduation.


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