The Cyprus International University Psychological Counselling and Guidance Center (CIU-PCGC) promotes the personal development and psychological well-being of all students and has been creating a university environment that is conducive to growth and learning since 2000. The CIU-PCGC is located on the second floor of the library building and offers service to all individuals on campus.

How can we help?

Counselling offers time to work through personal issues or difficulties which are causing distress.

Your concerns could be around

- Anxiety Disorders
- Depression
- Loss
- Academic Problems
- Abuse
- Relationship difficulties
- Phobic Disorders
In addition to Psychological Counselling services; the CIU-PCGC conducts workshops, seminars, training sessions, and events aimed at the development of the individuals on the CIU campus.

How do we work?

At your first appointment you will discuss what it is you are struggling with. During the appointment we will assess whether counselling with us is right for you. If you and your counsellor agree to work together, you will be offered a number of counselling sessions, which will be weekly at the same time as your initial appointment. The PCGC greatly values students’ privacy and confidentiality. The CIU-PCGC psychologists listen to students without prejudice, support their problem solving, and improve their psychological services according to the needs of the students.

Ethical Principles

Once students or staff apply to the CIU-PCGC they are informed about the Ethical Conduct code of psychology. These ethical conduct codes are universal and fundamental for all psychologists.CIU-PCGC psychologists focus on primary ethical principles such as:
- Competence
- Beneficence and No maleficence
- Responsibility
- Respect for People’s Rights and Dignity

Making an Appointment

Two Psychologists work in the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Center to provide support and guidance to individuals who are in crisis or who are experiencing moderate to severe mental health difficulties. You can make an appointment by visiting the PCGC, calling, or by sending an e-mail. You can only make a booking for yourself.The contact details can be used to inform the center about rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment. If the person cannot attend his/her session, then they are required to cancel and reschedule for another day and time. It is important to inform the center about a cancellation in order to show respect to others who may need these services as well.


Psychologist Çise Haşimoğulları, Library Building - K210, E-mail: cakun@ciu.edu.tr, Tel: +90 392 671 1111-2030
Psychologist Huriye Koruşan, Library Building - K212, E-mail: hkorusan@ciu.edu.tr, Tel: +90 392 671 1111-2086