About the Department

The Communication Design Program, which is open under the Graphic Design Department, is a four-year program delivered in Turkish. While its basic structure is shaped on design, it provides education which is more interdisciplinary and related to the field of communication. Among the main objectives of the program; to perceive communication and communication channels, to be able to follow possibilities of the new age and technology, to gain creative industry and cooperation practice, to gain interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work experience, to be able to perceive the spirit of the age, and to develop a critical point of view. Applicants from Turkey will be placed in the department through central placement. Students from the TRNC will enter the scholarship examination as in the other departments and placed in the department accordingly.

Education Opportunities

Graphic Design courses are differentiated from courses such as Communication Image, Visual Perception, Interactive Design, Information Architecture Design, Popular Culture, Semiotics, Interdisciplinary Design, Animation, and Visual Design for Visual Media, which are enriched by the communication background in the curriculum. Within the department's technical possibilities, it is possible to teach in both PC and Macintosh Laboratories. Particularly in the Macintosh Lab, digital drawing tablets provide training in concept art, animation, character design, and digital illustration. Each year, our valued guest speakers and workshop leaders are invited to work individually with competent designers in their field of study and enrich their educational life with certified events.

Career Areas

Students who graduate from the Communication Design program can work in all of the creative sectors by performing the role of communication designer. Graduated communication designers can work as an art director in communication design, advertising agencies, written and visual media organizations, game development companies, most of the cinema sector and TV channels, researcher at ARGE laboratories in technology companies, media application designer, illustrator, game and new media application designer, animator, multimedia designer, concept art artist, web designers, information, and guide designer at museums and galleries where interactive information techniques are produced, or they can work as visual designers. In addition, graduates are able to continue their academic education by doing a master’s degree in design following graduation.




4 Years