About the Department

In the Department of Computers and Instructional Technology Education, a comprehensive curriculum covering knowledge and skills necessary for students to be trained as good educational technologists and teachers is executed. In this program, prospective teachers are informed about how information technologies can be used in teaching and learning processes. Current practices in companies and internships are carried out under the supervision of lecturers in schools to ensure the training of teacher candidates who are able to solve their performance problems and to design, develop and evaluate their training strategies and products. In addition, the program concentrates on analysis, design, production and project activities. Teacher candidates also become competent about what materials should be developed for the effective use of technological tools such as computers, video, television, and the Internet. Teacher candidates are not only informed about these topics but also have the opportunity to practice them in real-life educational settings.

Education Opportunities

In our department, research and practice are considered equally important as the lectures. Our students learn by doing and living. In this direction, various research and practices related to computers are conducted as well as periodical scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, symposiums and panels to encourage scientific and creative thinking. Our practice laboratories are designed with the most up-to-date technologies are open for the use of students outside the class hours. Our students as global citizens are taught through teaching methods and approaches that make the use of all equipment and materials available. Students who need to learn how to use information and communication technologies and prepare suitable materials are taught by using contemporary methods such as problem-based learning, discovery learning, and co-operative learning. This ensures that graduates will be able to transfer their knowledge and skills to their own students in future.

Career Areas

Graduates of the Department of Computers and Instructional Technology Education can be employed as computer teachers and computer specialists; instructional technology teachers in elementary and secondary schools; education software development specialists in computer companies; information center managers or supervisors in public or private organizations; education technology measurement and evaluation specialists; education and training technologists; web-based educational designers; computer systems and web designers; multimedia and graphic designers; instructional software development group leaders; project managers and network administrators. In addition to public schools, they can work in private schools, tutorial schools, universities and distance education centers. Since our graduates are trained as individuals who are capable of conducting research in the field of instructional technology, they can also be employed in instructional technology and materials design centers.


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Faculty of Education

Education and Humanities Center, EH 325

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Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Tolgay KARANFİLLER

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