About the Program

In today's fast-growing field of computer technology, there is a need for personnel who can use computer technology effectively in today's contemporary industries. Given the fact that computer programs and programming are an indispensable part of our age, the need for Computer Technologies and Programming program has increased steadily. In this context, Computer Technologies and Programming program aims to educate students who can work in hardware and software projects in the field of computer and information technology, who can conduct research and development when necessary, have the ability to self-improve, have professional ethical responsibility, are prone to teamwork, and contribute to their workforce.

Educational Opportunities

Computer Technology and Programming Program offers an associate degree program. However, for those students who wish to continue their education upon graduating from their department, can continue undergraduate and graduate degrees by enrolling at Information Technologies Program or Management Information Systems Program.

Career Areas

Students who graduate from the program have a wide range of job opportunities in the public or private sectors of computing centers, especially in software development units, technical service departments, the R & D centers in Cyprus, Turkey and other countries in the world. Graduates of the Computer Technology and Programming Program are awarded the title of "Computer Technology and Programming Technician". Graduates do not just have career opportunities in sectors related to information technology, but also in almost every other sector that make use of technology. Enterprises in each sector need equipped graduates to update their databases and software and to develop new projects. Our graduates have career opportunities in key roles such as program developer, database manager, and system administrator.


Cyprus International University
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