About the Program

The necessity of intermediate personnel who can apply traditional and modern techniques in health services has become compulsory because of the technological developments. The program is aiming to train technical staff for the use of dialysis machines used for kidney diseases to treat the patients. Dialysis treatment is the process of removing harmful substances such as urea and excess water from the body through a membrane. Dialysis technicians are the people who provide technical support for this treatment. Dialysis technicians; follow the instructions of the physicians to connect to the dialysis machine, follow the patients to the dialysis machine on a daily, weekly, monthly and annually basis, carry out the machine maintenance, deal with the other problems of the patients, be responsible for the connection and use of the dialysis machine.

Educational Opportunities

The aim of the dialysis program is to train health personnel who will serve in hemodialysis centers which are opened to provide medical services for patients with chronic renal failure. The training period for the students who will take on this profession and 2 years during which a curriculum for 4-semesters is followed. In the first three semesters, students are offered with the theoretical knowledge they need, followed by the practical courses at the end of the curriculum. In the curriculum for our students, theoretical knowledge and equipment are provided in full and curriculum has been established aiming to help students reach the best capacity they can to be professionals. In the Dialysis Program, infectious diseases, basic diseases information, microbiology and pharmacology are taught in addition to the relevant practical courses.

Career Areas

The students who graduate from our Dialysis Program will be given the title of "Dialysis Technician". Students graduating from this program are employed as dialysis technicians in the institutions providing all dialysis health services, mainly public and private, in line with the qualifications they have gained. The dialysis technicians can work in dialysis units of public or private health institutions as well as open their own dialysis unit. Job opportunities are wide because of the increasing number of dialysis units being opened and the growing need for specially trained staff. They can work in any region with a dialysis unit.


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