About the Program

Students graduating from the Electric & Electronic Program are equipped with the theoretical and practical skills needed by business and industry, capable of using computer and technology in every field required, following new developments in the field, knowing a foreign language, keeping up with change, being capable of teamwork, cultured, communicating with the environment has been established with the aim of educating the intermediate elements of the era with high morality and high motivation. Electronics, microprocessors, electrical installations, motor control and winding techniques and computer hardware are the main training areas of the program. In the Associate Degree Program of Electrical & Electronic Technology students learn the basic electrical & electronic knowledge they need, as well given projects of building and industrial electrical installations, installation applications and supervision, maintenance and repair services of electrical machinery and home appliances, computer assembly, maintenance and repair services, technician in government or private sector, microprocessor applications, electronic circuit design and production, motor control and winding works, which are aimed to meet the needs of a highly qualified education.

Educational Opportunities

In the Electrical & Electronic Technology Associate Degree program, education and training activities are provided in laboratories equipped with the latest technology devices and in classroom environments including all kinds of technological facilities required by our times. There are programmable controllers, robotic systems, electrical machines, and digital electronics in our laboratories. Electrical & Electronics Technology program for students' professional competencies; information and information and communication technologies, measurement techniques, direct current circuits, basic electronics, work safety, computer aided design, alternating current circuits, electrical power plants, transformer and direct current machines, computer aided project, distribution of electrical energy transmission, asynchronous and synchronous machines, control systems, fault analysis, power electronics, programmable controllers, winding technique, digital electronics, specially designed motors, as well as technical courses with social content courses are provided to train students in the best way. The curriculum of our education consists of theoretical and practical courses and summer internships that we call practical studies.

Career Areas

Electrical and Electronics Technology associate degree program has a wide range of applications and working areas. Our graduates; make the installation of the devices in accordance with the project for the electrical installation works to be performed in enterprises. They plan and follow up studies related to the detection, elimination of faults occurring in all low voltage, power and lighting facilities within the enterprise. They conduct experiments and tests to improve and supervise the system. Low, medium and high voltage plants operation and maintenance can do. They can also work in small and medium-sized enterprises, industrial organizations, informatics, electronics and automation sectors that produce goods/services in the electronics and automation industry. In addition, graduates can establish their own workplaces as a freelance electrical-electronic technician and work in energy production transmission and distribution, and also in the communication sector which provide communication infrastructure and services or in many private and public institutions requiring industrial automation services.


2 years