About the Program

The English Language and Literature MA Program, which is accredited by the Higher Education Council of Turkey, enable students to pursue their literary and critical research interests with highly qualified and experienced faculty. The Program focuses on the most contemporary and interdisciplinary developments related to the field, such as the understanding of the importance of critical theories for the study of literature. The aim of the Program is thus to provide students with the most modern education in literature. Thesis guidance, enables a student to pursue individual, independent courses of readings and research in his or her chosen field of interest, working with a professor who has similar or related interests. The curriculum thus provides a foundation in literary and cultural studies for graduates who wish to teach or to continue their research at the PhD level.

Education Opportunities

It is compulsory to study at least German and French languages along with English in this department, during four years. This enables students to learn another language. In addition, students have the opportunity to take elective course from the English Language Teaching Department or from other related departments. Students are aslo given courses about using computers in accordance with the requirements of their specialist subjects. Our students are given an opportunity to develop projects with their teachers and participate in and international symposiums and conferences. Our teaching staffs are personally interested in our students and guide them according to their interests. Our university has a multicultural milieu having students from all over the world.

Career Areas

Graduates of this department can join to formation program in teaching and gain the right to teach English as English teachers. Our graduates can also be employed as research fellows and instructors, and work as interpreters or translators in relevant fields in private and state sectors. Graduates of the programme are prepared to pursue a doctoral degree in English; to teach at higher education institutions as instructors; or work in diverse job environments outside the academy, where their knowledge of the field, their linguistic, interpretive, and research skills are in demand. Gifted graduates can join the literary world and write their own short stories, novels and poems. They can be critics in art, literary writing and theater play.


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