About the Program

Associate degree program aims to educate technical personnel needed in the sector by providing world-class education to achieve excellence with its employees and students; ensuring participatory, qualified and meaningful productivity; and creating an innovative, pioneering and leading program in education, research and social service activities with its staff and students.

Educational Opportunities

Curriculum of the Mechanical Program was created to increase knowledge and skills about industry-based mechanical and non-mechanical methods, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM), maintenance and repair techniques, measurement and quality control, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, material recognition and inspection (destructive-non-destructive) and to provide knowledge and skills about maintenance and repair techniques.

Career Areas

Students, who graduate from Cyprus International University Mechanical Program, can work as qualified personnel in the automotive industry, industrial areas or private auto garages. They can work in all kinds of machinery, manufacturing, and design in public institutions, the private sector or in their own business. Also, they can continue their academic careers with Industrial Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering undergraduate programs.


Cyprus International University
Vocational School
Science and Technology Center
99258 Nicosia/TRNC
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension:2401
School E-mail: secretary-voc@ciu.edu.tr
Director E-mail: hyaratan@ciu.edu.tr


2 years