About the Program

Mechatronics, which has been accepted as the new and popular multidisciplinary branch of recent years, is formed by the selection of some of the main courses of electronics and computer engineering; it is an interdisciplinary concept that brings software and control engineering issues under the same roof. The scope of mechatronics, mechanical design and analysis, robotic systems, and control, which can be expressed as the design of intelligent machines, design and process and product manufacturing, as well as tight fusing with machinery, electronics and computers. Mechatronics structural elements, mechanical systems, design of mechanical systems, electronic systems, automation systems, informatic systems, process systems, mechatronic systems and design etc. are taught in Mechatronics Program; with the aim to meet the need of qualified labor force in the sector.

Educational Opportunities

In the mechatronics program, education and training activities are provided in laboratories equipped with the latest technolgy devices and in class environments with all kinds of technological facilities required by recent years. Our laboratories are equipped with equipments like programmable controllers, robotic systems, electrical machines and digital electronics. Eight faculty members who have completed their master's and doctoral studies in qualified and well-known universities are employed. In addition to Electrical and Electronics program, students of Mechatronics program also take courses with students from the Computer and Mechanical Departments. In this way, our courses are carried out in an interdisciplinary way and the students from different disciplines can colaborate with each other. Our faculty members are senior academicians who can carry out scientific supervisions for master's and doctoral students that are conducting thesis in their specialty areas. The language of instruction of our program is Turkish.

Career Areas

The application and working areas of the mechatronics program are quite wide. The task that are heavy enough not to be done with manpower, too small and detailed not to be done with human sensitivity or it is necessary for human beings to make machines do the tasks that are dangerous and dangerous for people to do. Mechatronics plays a major role in the production and use of these machines. The areas of application of the mechatronics program include Healthcare Robots, Agricultural Robots, Automotive Industry, Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS), Flying Robots, Robot Vision, Industrial Automation, Intelligent Arms and Weapon Systems, Micro Robots, Mobile Robots and Industrial Robotic Arms. Industrial companies working in these areas in the world need new educated engineers in this field and the Cyprus International University Mechatronics program is a unit that educates students in the quality required by these firms.


2 years