About the Program

The medical documentation and secretarial program graduates are employed in private and public institutions and organizations in the health sector which is a continuously developing sector. Duties of that graduates are performing the appointment services of the patient, carrying out the acceptance procedures, informing the patient about the functioning of the institution and medical services, keeping the records of the patient, carrying out communication and correspondence services in the administrative and medical units. Medical secretaries have become important and necessary elements for new developments and developing health institutions. Our education aims to train medical secretaries who have a tendency to develop in the direction of life expectancy and needs in the direction of the health sector and which are different and who have sufficient knowledge and skills in the field.

Educational Opportunities

The curriculum for medical documentation and secretarial program is based on courses that include information that can be used at all levels of the working life. The training period for our students who will be trained in this area is 2 years and a curriculum of 4 semesters has been established. In the first three semesters of our education, the theoretical knowledge has been transferred to our students and application placed at the end of the curriculum. The curriculum for our students is designed to provide the students with theoretical knowledge and equipment in a comprehensive manner and aiming at reaching the best possible level of practice for the students who will take practice in the field. Medical documentation, medical terminology, correspondence and filing techniques, keyboard techniques are the main lessons of the program. In-hospital practices and summer internships enable our students to gain field experience before starting work.

Career Areas

The medical documentation and secretarial program has the potential to enable graduates to work in all areas of the healthcare industry. Opportunity to find a job is quite extensive because of the increasing importance of the profession. In addition to the various units of private and public health institutions, private medical clinics, provincial health directorates, medical research publishing companies, medical equipment companies, dispensaries, imaging centers and doctors' offices are also in the fields of employment of the graduates. In university hospitals, state hospitals, health centers, private hospitals and clinics, private medical practice, medical software (medical journal, newsletter etc.) companies, sales and promotion of medical equipment and ambulance companies. They equipped with very good computer knowledge and finger typing Knowles which are the most elements by medical software bureaus… Secretary, archivist, they can work as officers as well as in drug promotion companies.


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