About the Program

The aim of the program is to train technical health professionals who handle the machinery used in hospitals, laboratories and clinics and carry out various medical analyses in medical institutions. Within this program, technicians who know basic laboratory techniques well and can use modern technology in all units of various laboratories (biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, blood bank, and endocrinology) are trained. With the growing importance of quality and accreditation in health care and the increase in hospital numbers, the need for qualified medical staff has also increased. Our students can rise to a higher status if they do minor degree from other departments and improve themselves.

Educational Opportunities

The staff offering the courses in this program is strong in both academic and clinical aspects. Students who are in this department are offered the theoretical and practical training by the strong staff in scope of the Medical Laboratory Technician Program so that they will be able to carry out the preliminary check of test equipment, to prepare the samples for analysis, to prepare the chemical solutions and physical conditions for analyzing solid or liquid samples, to use laboratory equipment to perform requested analyses, to record and report test or experiment results and to assist the studies of researchers using the laboratory. The students, through their 2-year education, are trained by lecturers who are competent in their fields and gain the knowledge and skills for their profession from the most reliable sources. The education in the clinic, practical courses and clinical practice are carried out according to the principles and regulations of The Higher Education Council (YÖK).

Career Areas

Medical Laboratory Technician is the healthcare employee who carries out the medical analysis about the medical condition of the patient, in diagnostic laboratories in medical institutions, as requested by the doctors. Those who complete their education get the diploma of “Medical Laboratory Techniques Associate Degree” and gain the title “Medical Laboratory Techniques Technician”. Our graduates can be employed in hospitals, faculties of medicine, private analysis laboratories, and research centers of other health institutions, hygiene institutions and food industry. They are also employed in various medical research & development centers. Both public and private hospitals significantly need medical laboratory technicians. With DGS, medical laboratory technicians can continue their education in undergraduate programs such as biology, molecular biology and genetics, biotechnology, biotechnology and molecular biology, genetics and bioinformatics, genetics and bioengineering, bioengineering, nursing, nursing and health services.


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