About the Program

Mentally handicapped teaching post-graduate program is a program that can evaluate the skills of children/individuals with mental impairments in all developmental areas, can support all stages of development with individualized programs, can provide services in the family as well as children/individuals, has the ability to inform the community about the field. During the program, the students prepare a thesis in their own branches after completing their post-graduate courses. If the thesis is deemed successful in the defense examination, they are entitled to receive a "Master Degree" diploma in the Mentally Handicapped Teaching Post-Graduate Program.

Education Opportunities

Our program has qualified academic staff with two professors, one associate professor, two assistan professors and two lecturers for the teaching. The students study in intelligent classrooms, computer labs for computer based works and studios and drama rooms for art and game based works.

Career Areas

The main goal of the individual who graduated from the Mentally Handicapped Teaching Post-Graduate Program is to support the development of children in the 0-18 age group, children with special needs, vulnerable children and children at risk group. As a specialist professional, develop tools to evaluate the development of special needs children; Provides consultancy services to the related institutions and organizations in the field and provides publishing and research services. Using contemporary approaches, it develops community-oriented projects for the area, and projects and disseminates them. Professional staffs can take part in social areas, child and youth centers, community centers, rehabilitation centers, concerns ministries. They can work as academic staff in education field, universities, associate degree, under-graduate education.


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