About the Program

The aims of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics include: improving health of the public and the treatment of diseases; providing information about sufficient and balanced nutrition in society; raising the strength of humankind; and making a social contribution by doing research in these areas. In addition to theoretical teaching and laboratory practices in the classroom, students reinforce their knowledge with periodic projects, community health internships, and workshops conducted in cooperation with the sector and other universities. Our students perform clinical internships in adult and pediatric hospitals; institutional internships in food and beverage service providers (such as food factories, schools, and public institutions), private or university-public hospitals. After successfully completing four years of education, our students are entitled to receive the title of "Dietitian" with a "Nutrition and Dietetics Diploma".

Educational Opportunities

Being a dietitian is defined as a health profession; thus, the training of our students equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to meet contemporary health care needs, is designed according to global standards and national needs so that they can solve health problems by working in the understanding of a team. In this context, during the first stage of the education and the training program, our students carry out practices of their theoretical knowledge in nutrition principles, anthropometry, food chemistry, and microbiology laboratories. In addition to these practices, community health internships contribute to solving nutritional problems of the society and inform society with correct information about nutrition. Through institutional and hospital nutrition training, our students also participate in internships regarding adult and child nutrition systems in private and public hospitals.

Career Areas

A dietitian is a healthcare professional who has successfully completed the nutrition and dietetics education program, being entitled to enter this profession by taking a "Nutrition and Dietetics Diploma". The need for dietitians, as critical members of any healthcare team, has increased due to its association to a person’s growth, development; maintenance of lifelong health; increased quality of life; and the importance of treating health problems. Dietitians can work in any of the following organizations and fields: Inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities (private and public hospitals, outpatient clinics, health centers, dialysis units, etc.); collective feeding systems (food factories, hotels’ food and beverage departments, all private and public institutions, etc.); institutions providing public health services (mother-child health centers, health centers, elderly care homes, etc.); dialysis centers; enteral-parenteral feeding teams; specialist diet policlinics; the food industry; and sports centers; in addition to being able to serve as researchers, educators, therapists, and rehabilitants in educational and research institutions.


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