About the Program

The Occupational Health and Safety program is supported by contemporary training methods appropriate to today's conditions and ensures that students graduate in such a way that they can have sufficient experience in the professional field. It is to educate personnel who are in need of Industrial Health and Safety and to train "Occupational Health and Safety Technician" which job security organization needs. Identify and solve problems related to unforeseen situations in the work environment; Use software and hardware required by the profession as well as basic computer use; Have professional safety, environmental protection knowledge and ethical values related to the profession; comply with the rules of labor and occupational health safety laws and regulations; first aid, extraordinary situations, disasters and fire fighting and evacuation techniques.

Educational Opportunities

A strong academic and physical infrastructure has been prepared for this program. Students also have summer internships in addition to their yearly practices related to their professions. There is a wide range of possibilities for internship to students. There are possibilities of reinforcement during the semester applications with experienced instructors to apply and to apply learning outcomes. There are many clubs and facilities that support social, cultural and sporting activities that students can take advantage of in our university campus area. Our experienced faculty members are educated and up-to-date information, followed by the developing educational staff and the ones that continue to grow and grow. The Associate Degree Program in Occupational Health and Safety will have the knowledge and competence at the level that will protect occupational and worker safety by taking all the precautions to be taken in order to ensure job security in the operation of the graduates.

Career Areas

Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety provides important job opportunities for program graduates. Employees who will work in occupational health and safety organizations (as Occupational Safety Specialist and Technical Personnel) can receive certificates in categories A, B, C with Occupational Health and Work Safety Trainings organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and certify owners of all institutions , organizations and businesses. Program graduates serve as "Occupational Health and Safety Technicians" in fire departments, civil defense and similar emergency facilities in all institutions, organizations and enterprises, commercial centers, high-rise buildings, universities and campus schools, shopping centers and public open centers they can get


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