About the Program

The aim of this program is to train occupational safety specialists who serve in the field of occupational health and safety, and have the competencies and experience for using restricted resources such as machines and energy in the process of making organizations achieve their objectives. In addition to this, future occupational safety specialists are expected to engage in studies that raise the health status and capacity of employees, with the help of the theoretical and practical knowledge gained throughout this program. Certain problems emerge in the workplace concerning the health and safety of the staff in parallel with the industrialization and technological advances. The need for efficiency in the workplace emphasizes the importance of occupational health and safety. The scientific approach toward solving these problems is the major rationale behind this field.

Educational Opportunities

A strong staff is ensured for this program in terms of both academic and clinical knowledge and skills. Students in this program can perform sector-specific safety risk assessment, define basic steps, perform walk-through surveys, define hazardous factors and dangers in the workplace, assess the environment, assess the health status of the staff, develop a protection strategy in the workplace, assess the existing health and safety measures in a workplace and establish disaster and emergency plans. This program is offered in collaboration with other programs such as medicine, electrical and electronic engineering, physics, civil engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial engineering and law. The students, through their 4-year education, are trained by academic staff competent in their fields and gain the knowledge and skills for their profession from the most reliable sources. The education in the workplace, practical courses and occupational practice will be carried out according to the principles and regulations of The Higher Education Council (YÖK).

Career Areas

The students who successfully complete this program gain a bachelor’s degree and the title “Occupational Health and Safety Specialist”. Our graduates are specialists who have knowledge, skills and competency regarding the protection of health of the workers; as well as diminishing occupational diseases and accidents. They can be employed in every institution, organization and business in addition to trade centers, multi-storey buildings, universities and campus-style schools, shopping malls and social centers, fire houses, civil defense and similar emergency institutions as occupational health and safety specialists. Their probability of employment is high because this profession is a necessity in almost any kind of workplace. After obtaining the undergraduate degree, they can continue their education with Masters and Ph.D. degrees.


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