About the Program

Occupational Health and Safety PhD program aims to create a new generation of researchers and trainers that are needed at a national level all over the world. The program does not only provide an insight regarding specific health and safety issues, but also takes into account local and cultural differences and relevant risks. Thereby, the graduates of the program will take preceding role in preparing and implementing health and safety programs at national level. The program will involve the careful impregnation of health and safety norms, risks and necessary precautions into the multidisciplinary working experts’ capabilities in factories, plants, hospitals as well as entire fields with safety risks. The delivery of selected high class theoretical courses will reinforce the background skills, while dissertation of the PhD Thesis according to the choice of the candidate will result in new entrepreneurs in researchers in the field of health and safety.

Education Opportunities

Bringing together the multidisciplinary education incorporating occupational health and safety courses by focusing on the human body at the center. Courses proposed will not only include theoretical information but will also incorporate practical on-site education. Areas of safety performance, safety cultures in firms; as well as human factors and safety cultures in entire infrastructures and risk communication. The students will also find the chance to visit factories and other workplaces where health and safety related risks are present and will become familiar with the methodologies and incentives regarding preparation of risk evaluation reports. Preparation and monitoring of individual projects will also assist in the reinforcement of the safety culture. Related technological laboratories will also be at the service of the PhD students at all times.

Career Areas

The PhD program is ideal for professionals and individuals seeking in-depth information with respect to occupational health and safety. Especially nowadays, the legal liabilities of the entire workplaces require routine preparation and implementation of health and safety rules. The graduates of the program thus can be recruited only for this purpose as well and if they are already recruited their importance and necessity will be doubled as a result of this degree. The program will lead to capable graduates as researchers, lecturers or managers with full information on occupational safety and health. Thereby, they will become senior researchers and consultants not only in the government but also in private organizations.


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