About the Program

The program aims to provide practical and theoretical equipments in other fields of health sciences in multidisciplinary manner at the same time as experienced and experienced surgeons who will be able to provide all surgeons used in the operating theater and to use them during surgery, train. All students can apply to the Operating Room Services Program by taking examination scores and also students who graduated from the vocational high school's emergency medical technician, first aid and emergency care technician, elderly services, patient and elderly services departments can enter without examination on the basis of Secondary Achievement Points. Students who graduate from our program can go through the Vertical Transfer Exam to the "Emergency Aid and Disaster Management", "Nursing, Nursing and Health Services," license departments vertically.

Educational Opportunities

A strong staff has been prepared for this program both academically and clinically. Students who are in this department with training provided by the strong staff in scope of Operating Room Services Program; It helps the patient to prepare the surgery room, to prepare operation room in accordance with operation schedule, give the appropriate position for surgery of the patient with the surgeon, to sterilize the surgery team and help to create the surgical area, help samples taken during the surgery to be sent to the laboratory examination, keeps the records and keeps them in the relevant places and makes dressing patient in accordance with procedure carried out in accordance with amendment to be made appropriate to democracy and human rights, social, scientific, cultural values ​​and occupational behaves in accordance with ethical principles, continuously develops professional knowledge and skills, develops projects and activities by following scientific research in the field.

Career Areas

Operating theater technicians can work as a surgeon in all the surgeries performed in all hospitals in public institutions and private institutions in health sector. With the development the health field, need for qualified medical personnel in many fields has begun to increase. Operational services technician is also among the most sought-after occupations along with the proliferation of private hospitals. Operating Room Services graduates take active role in operating theaters. There are often doctors who are subject to it, they are under their responsibility. These technicians have to act according the directives of the doctors they are responsible for. Operating room service graduates can work in operating theater units of private and public hospitals. With small number of graduates and proliferation of private hospitals, it has become profession that’s needed more. Hospitals have the opportunity find work because of the need for health workers with special education in this area.


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