About the Program

The aim this program to train the staff that prepares the setting necessary for all the clinical work of the dentists in private clinics, public or private polyclinics. The program also aims to instill the skills and knowledge necessary in the processes such as admission, treatment and taking records of the patients as well as responding to the changing demands of the society. To achieve these aims, the program will provide the work and activity opportunities for the students to use their knowledge with full performance. Oral and Dental Health is a developing new field in medicine training “Dentistry Clinical Assistants – Oral and Dental Health Tecnicians”. Students who succesfully graduate from this program can apply to undergraduate programs such as Health Administration, Health Facilities Management, Health Facilities Administration, Healthcare Management” upon passing ÖSYM’s DGS exam.

Educational Opportunities

A strong staff has been prepared for this program both academically and clinically. Students who are in this department with training provided by the strong staff in scope of Oral and Dental Health Program learn how to prepare the dental units for examination, preliminary washing and surface disinfection and sterilization of the equipments, help the dentist in the examination, supply the materials in accordance with the treatment plan, check the equipments and other materials in the clinic and to help the dentist in preventive dentistry procedures. The students, through their 2-years education, will be trained by dentist lecturers competent in their fields and they gain the knowledge and skills for their profession from the must reliable sources. The education in the clinic, practical courses and clinical practice will be carried out according to the principles and regulations of The Higher Education Council (YÖK).

Career Areas

According to the Department of Health statistics, the demand for oral and dental health staff is much higher than the supply. In parallel with the demand for dentists, an increase in the demand for oral and dental health staff. The students who graduate from this program can work in hospitals as “Oral and Dental Care Technicians”. Our graduates can also work in dental laboratories, dental clinics, units related with dental health in hospitals and companies which provide technical equipment for dental care. There is a significant need for Oral and Dental Health professionals in both public and private health institutions. Due to the demand for oral and dental health professionals, the possibilities of employment are high.


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