About the Program

The program aims to educate professional cookery candidates to recognize and prepare local and world cuisines enabling them to compete on national and international platforms, as well as cooking and analyzing the relationship between kitchen and other disciplines by encompassing theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required for the sector. The Associate Degree Program in Cooking aims to train and nurture experienced and knowledgeable cooks. It is a goal of the program to create environments in which students can closely follow the changes in the world and to increase the practical skills of the students by establishing one-to-one relationship with the sector. A further aim is to organize seminars and workshops in order to increase students' knowledge about different cultures and cuisines, and to continuously bring leading chefs and gourmets of the sector together with the students.

Educational Opportunities

Professional Cookery Program is designed to enhance and maintain the aesthetic level of the intended culinary culture. Professional cookery is an ideal choice for those who want to improve themselves in both cooking and culinary business. Professional Cookery Program of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management provides a superior infrastructure and superstructure for those who are interested in the sector. It offers students opportunities to work at famous restaurants in the country or abroad. The program offers students the chance to blend theoretical knowledge with applied skills. In addition, a new fully-fledged kitchen investment has been made for the students. There is also a restaurant and guest house within the university where students work as part of the weekly work experience/internship course.

Career Areas

Professional Cookery experts are employed in the tourism, travel or transportation sectors, where plenty of posts are available in restaurants or hotels which are highly competitive in finding the best gastronome experts on the market. Students have the opportunity to work in large restaurants or banquette halls. Gastronomy specialists can also work in food factories where there is a need for sustainably healthily produced foods. In addition, our graduates may find jobs in the catering or food manufacturing industries. Students may also pursue a doctoral title in this area by completing additional masters and doctoral degrees. Further opportunities arise in the areas of sustainable food, food journalism, food policy and tourism.


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