About the Program

The Department of Radio and TV Programming has, as its core, the tools of audio-visual communication and the academic foundation of spreading into branches associated with these tools. This academic program grants a degree in the field of Radio and Television Programming at the end of four semester teaching periods. The main aim of this Program is to educate individuals who can be creative and are able to grasp and implement radical transformations, to adapt to rapidly changing communication technologies in the world, who have an analytical and critical perspective, and who are aware of social responsibilities and ethical principles. During their education, students receive support and encouragement to participate in national and international competitions.

Educational Opportunities

Our Program provides the opportunity to share experiences between students and academic staff, which consists of full-time and part-time teaching staff and academics. Also, media professionals attend conferences and seminars to share their experiences with our students.

The Radio and Television Programming Department offers a wide range of production and broadcasting opportunities to the student, where our studios offer practical experience in production and broadcasting. Students can benefit from using the studio facilities to work as assistants or work there for their extra-curricular studies.

Students are also required to complete a 30-day internship to make a connection in the field, to reinforce practical lessons, and to gain experience in professional life. Our student clubs provide opportunities for students to improve their socio-cultural communication skills and their creative and collaborative sides

Career Areas

The development of radio, television, cinema, advertising, public relations, visual design and social media institutions and organizations is allied to the increasing needs of local areas of journalism, advertising, and communication agencies, showing that our Department serves an important requirement and function. We make significant contributions to the future of our country. Those of our students fulfilling the course and training requirements successfully can enter careers working for radio-television institutions, organizations, and media companies as producers, directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, fiction operators, picture selectors, management, and so on. In addition, our graduates can complete their postgraduate studies as a start to an academic career.


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