Catalog Inguiry

Orientation programs are organized to introduce library services and information resources to new students at the beginning of every academic year.

Besides, education programs are organized at the second week of each semester to enable first year students to use library resources effectively.

As an addition, the information about how to use full texts and bibliographical databases is given to graduate and postgraduate students.

The students can send e-mails to address about their requests after filling ”CIU orientation request form”.

The users must have the identity card which is given and renewed by student registration office every year and must have a library account to borrow materials from the library.

Full time lecturers can borrow up to 10 books for 30 days, part time lecturers can borrow up to 3 books for 30 days, graduate and post graduate students can borrow up to 5 for 15 days, associate degree and undergraduate students can borrow up to 3 books for 15 days and administrative staff can borrow up to 2 books for 15 days at one time.

The users cannot borrow another material unless they return the materials that they have borrowed before.

The material which is taken by another user can be reserved. Reservation is cancelled if the material is not taken in 3 days.

Borrowed material can be taken again by the same user for the same period unless it is reserved by another user. After the extension period, returned material cannot be borrowed for one week by the same user.

Borrowed materials can be reserved by another user. When the reserved material returns to the library or if the reservation procedure is cancelled, the user is informed by an e-mail. The reserved material is given to another user if it is not taken in 3 days. If there is no user to take the material it is placed on the shelf. The number of reserved books must be equal to borrowed books.

A user cannot take a material in the name of another user.

Every responsibility belongs to the users about the material until they return it to the library.

Reciprocal cooperation regulation is applied to other universities’ lecturers about giving materials.

Library management can reclaim borrowed material even if the period doesn’t expire.

Reserved books and course books can be borrowed for studying purpose but cannot be taken out of the library.

Students can spend their free time on enjoyable activities like chess, puzzles etc.

Scanner service is available for all users free of charge. In order to use this service all you need is to get assistance from the library staff.

This hall with the  83 personal computers, provides CIU information technology service and internet resource for students 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cooperation among libraries is providing articles or books, which do not exist in the CIU library, from other information resources in the country or in other countries. Exchanging materials among libraries is a process which enables the users to reach the information fast and extensively. For that reason our university gives importance to cooperation among other information resources in the world and sharing, contributing information between people.

Who can use cooperation among libraries service?

All academic staff can use this service.

How this service can be used?

The users can fill the form while applying CIU cooperation among libraries department. Applications will be held in working hours;

Monday – Friday: (9.00-12.00 am) (13.00-17.00 pm)

How demands are required in cooperation among libraries service?

The users who wants to use books or articles from borrowing service can fill the form by clicking the link below or obtaining the form borrowing desk to deliver their demands.

Borrowed book /article demand form (45.5 kB)

What should the users do before applying cooperation libraries service?

 First of all the book which required is searched by browsing in library catalogue to determine non-existence of the book.

 The material which cannot be found in the library catalogue is found searching other information resources’ catalogues and the library staff make a request from related information resource.

What are the responsibilities of the users who require a material from cooperation libraries service?

 Paying postage and service price for the material which is required,

 Returning the material to the library in prescribed time,

 Not copying the book,

 Paying the price of the book in the case of damaging, fraying or losing the book,

 After taking the protocol form the users should deliver it to the library at latest days. Borrowing book in days by using protocol form.

 Protocol form must be renewed three times in a year ; 1st of March, 1st of July, 1st of October,

-All responsibilities about the fine belong to the user.

Which materials cannot be requested by the use of cooperation libraries service?

 CD-ROM and software,

 Reference resources,

 Visual and audial materials (film, cassette, video, compact disc)

 Special collections

 All series and volumes of magazines,

 Rare works,

 The books which are given in a limited time cannot be borrowed.