A Project on the Status of Elderly in TRNC, from the Faculty of Health Sciences
Prof. Dr. Feray Gökdoğan

Prof. Dr. Feray Gökdoğan, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU) , stated that a project on “Determining the Health and Socio-Cultural Situations of the Elderly Living in the TRNC” will contribute to the establishment of the database for the determination of problems and their solutions to be provided for the elderly welfare in the TRNC.

One of the most important demographic facts in the 21st century is the aging of the population.

In the context of the increasing tendency of the elderly population, the TRNC population is in the upper limit of the “elderly” group in 2006 but it is assumed that it can be in the “very old” group when current data are obtained.

Starting from this point of view, the two-year project on “Determining the Health and Socio-Cultural Situations of the Elderly Living in the TRNC” was presented to be supported by CIU TRNC Research Projects.

The project, which was conducted under the leadership of Prof.Dr. Feray GÖKDOĞAN, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences, 20 students from the Faculty of Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing and Social Work were interviewers and lecturers were assigned as auditors.

A total of 1904 elderly people living in Güzelyurt, Lefke, Kyrenia, İskele, Gazi Magosa and Nicosia from west to east in North Cyprus were visited in their homes in April-May 2018 and the data of the research was collected by face-to-face interviews.

With the sample determined by proportion from the population in Northern Cyprus, there is no such generalized comprehensive study related to the elderly alike.

Therefore, our project will contribute as an important data source to reveal how the elderly in the TRNC experience old age.

Prof. Dr. Gökdoğan stated, "Aging occurs in the human body with various changes and as a result of this, some health problems emerge. Due to the deterioration of economic conditions in the old age, social and mental problems can appear.”

Gökdoğan said that due to the gradual aging of the population, it is important to plan and organize services related to old age.

She stated that, “Not only within the scope of financial assistance but within the scope of the society, policies developed for the elderly should be put forward in a way that allows the evaluation of all aspects of the issue.”

It is thought that this research will shed light on the units concerned with the relevant public institutions in Northern Cyprus regarding the services to be provided for elderly welfare, identification of problems and ways of solution both at the local and national scale.

Created On: June 25, 2019