Jasem Haylooz June 2019
Accounting and Finance

My interest in accounting dates back to my high school years. I decided to study accounting at the university in order to be an expert and develop new ideas. Therefore, I started to look for overseas universities on the internet. I saw the Department of Accounting and Finance on Cyprus International University’s website. I examined and researched the department, and after I received the necessary information from the authorities, I realized that the department was suitable for me and the facilities provided by the university were exactly what I was searching for. For example, I learned that the university has agreements with universities in England.  I also learned that there is a ranch where I can continue my greatest passion, horseback riding, and develop my skills further to achieve my goals.Therefore, I chose Cyprus  International University due to  educational and socio-cultural quality and opportunities.

After starting the university, I had a duty to establish the Horse Riding Club. Now I'm the president of the club. I spend most of my free time in the club to teach members how to horseback ride. We are fortunent to have the chance to participate in national and international competitions. In March 2019, I was the winner in the 100 cm and 120 cm categories.

My future plans include being a certified accountant and continuing my horseback riding hobby at an international level. I would like to mention to younger students who are in the same situation that I was in before, Cyprus International University offers a wide range of opportunities for those who want to improve themselves professionally and personally. In addition, I can say that every student, who manages his/her time wisely, will achieve their goals successfully while studying and developing their own hobbies.


Created On: June 27, 2019