Pembe Uzunboylu March 2019
Visual Communication Design

In high school I was interested in artistic drawing, design creation, and photography. After my family noticed my drawing ability, they mentioned the possibility of studying Graphic Design or Architecture in university. I started to search about the two departments on the internet.

While I was browsing Cyprus International University’s website, I came across the Visual Communication Design Department. I was incredibly fascinated by the way people create their own style, using it as a means of communication between people, so I thought perhaps this department would be a great fit for me.

The department curriculum had courses in many different subjects. There was courses in photography, graphic design, marketing and product design, animation making, documentary, interior design, etc. This meant that after graduation, I would have ample experience in various areas, so without thinking twice, I registered.

Besides design, I grew up very athletic. Basketball became a big part of my life, thanks to my physical education teacher in primary school and winning my first championship at the age of 10.

Basketball gave me the chance to participate in many foreign competitions. In my secondary and high school years, I took part in the best girls basketball team in Cyprus, at Levent College. We had a 10-year winning-streak, something that no teams in Cyprus has done before. I also played on the schools handball team. I had won many championships, which I will never forget.

In addition to these beautiful moments, of course, I went through some very difficult times with my health. I had to receive treatment for about 1.5 years. However, I always believed that people should keep developing themselves, so I decided to continue to participate in sports when I entered the university.

Balancing studying and being an active athlete on more than one team requires an intense pace. Thankfully my lecturers have always supported me.

My advice to friends, who have a busy schedule like mine, would be to plan their time carefully to be able to balance their goals, responsibilities, pleasures and social life.

You must be an active and organized person for your future to be successful!

Created On: June 27, 2019