Philip Kyeswa - May 2018
Electrical Electronic Engineering

Hello Philip, Can you please tell us about yourself and your team briefly?
I am a graduate of Electrical & Electronics from Cyprus International University (CIU). Currently pursuing a Masters degree in the same program and Reseach assistant at the faculty of Engineering.

Simultaneously, I am a Co-founder and Lead Hardware Engineer of a startup company Peec Energy LLC established in Uganda. I work with a team consisting of Shaban Sengendo a graduate of Information Systems from CIU who is currently Chief Marketing, Maureen Kyasiimire our Quality Insurance and Business developer studying Interior Architecture at CIU as well. We have been able to expand the team with a few passionate and skilled colleagues.

You have prepared a project as your final year project and it is established and applied in your country. How do you feel about it?
Sure! to me and my team too, it feels like a milestone achieved. Because this is a project we worked on as a team having an idea at the back of our heads that we should come up with a marketable product.

How did you come up with the idea of this project and what was your main aim at the beginning?
Under supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr. Devrim Seral the Head of Department Computer engineering, he proposed a Remote energy monitoring System as one of the capstone projects. To me this seemed so feasible as there is an increasing attention being paid to the issue of energy management, consumption and conservation. The main objective of our project is to tackle these energy issues. We built a product for both residential and industrial use to allow users effectively capture accurate energy consumption data on software, accurately allocate and manage energy resources, locate energy cost savings, and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of critical systems in buildings and Electrical panels thus conserving energy by about 15 percent.

Have you dreamt that it would be applied in your country?
Yes I did, before looking at the international market space, Uganda was our base market of which before the end of this year we expect to have more than 200 connected devices.

Through the process, who contributed you in this project?
Assist. Prof. Dr. Devrim Seral our supervisor, has not only given us a very good technical hand in software and hardware but also urged us to come up with a product we could implement anywhere not just a prototype system to get A’s in the course. He also continues to help us on more Research and further development of the product allowing us to bring the best out of it.

Created On: June 27, 2019