The unit is responsible for the control and supervision of all faculties, colleges and department buildings, classrooms, conference rooms, dormitories, cafeterias, canteens in the campus. Located within the campus administration; it ensures that students are provided with uninterrupted transportation, cleaning, garden, square, security, traffic and health services by organizing and monitoring these units.

Unit Responsibles:

Campus Director: Sevgen Damdelen         Extension: 2900
Campus Director Assistant: Ahmet Esnaf        Extension: 2907
Head of Health Center: Hayriye Takar          Extension: 2905
Head of Transportation Unit:İbrahim Küçükşener   Extension: 2906
Head of Cleaning Unit: Elif Bal               Extension: 2962
Head of Garden Unit: Sinan Özülkü              Extension: 2946
Head of Security Unit: Özgür Yalçın           Extension: 2936


Campus Directorate
Student Center
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2929