About the Program

It is clear that in recent times the use of technology has become widespread and an indispensable part of our life. In addition, it is known that state institutions and private enterprises are actively using information technologies. Accordingly, the need for professional individuals who have technical infrastructure, ability to produce solutions and critical thinking skills to respond to industry needs is increasing rapidly. This program aims to train highly qualified individuals who can meet the work force needed by industry. This program allows students to closely monitor developments in the field of Information Technologies and helps prepare them for the 21st century workforce needs. Once the students complete the basic courses required by the program, they have the opportunity to specialize in a subject they prefer. Computer networking, network security, software development, and system design are among the topics to choose from. In addition, the research projects and thesis play a critical and important role in their future careers.

Education Opportunities

Information Technologies Department students uses computer labs and various online applications to gain theoretical and practical knowledge. Students also have access to the necessary course materials from the university library and on-line course management system. The researches that they have done in various fields with expert lecturers in their subjects are important for the students to improve themselves. In addition to the high-quality computer equipments found in many of the labs located in the university, and the theoretical education the IT department provides, the practical education with technological infrastructure possibilities are also provided with programmable and mobile robots, digital tablets which capture drawing and handwriting, and making online handwriting recognition, and many other field research opportunities possibleprovides the theoretical education as well as technological infrastructure possibilities.

Career Areas

Informatıon Technologies department graduates can find jobs in public institutions and establishments, as well as companies that provide network installation and management services, may also take part in public institutions and organizations. In addition, in companies, government agencies and organizations that provide or use administration and database services with user interface and software services that provide web design services or prepare interactive programs running on the web environment, or companies that need these services, work in public institutions and organizations. Graduates of this program can choose to work as a Database Manager, Network Administrator, Software and Website Manager, Information Technology Systems Specialist/Consultant or Technology Director. Additionally, they will be able to take part in various research projects.


Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
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1-2 Years