The International Office of Cyprus International University (CIU) works to increase the recognition of the university abroad and to inform prospective students about the programs, scholarships, and educational services within the university. The International Office is responsible for all the processes from prospective students’ selection of CIU to their registration. It is also responsible for carrying out and developing international cooperation by signing cooperation agreements and protocols with a large number of universities in various countries.

Services Provided

To coordinate representatives and regional offices operating in many cities around the world to ensure that candidates of higher education receive direct information about CIU in the cities they live in.
- To inform prospective students, parents, etc. who get in touch with the university directly through channels such as the prospective student information hotline, on-line support hotline, e-mail, social media and so on.
- To provide prospective students with direct information about higher education at CIU through promotional activities carried out abroad.
- To participate in educational and professional fairs organized abroad.
- To prepare acceptance letters for international prospective students; if necessary, to provide additional documentation to assist with visa applications.
- To help accommodate students at our university campus and other campus facilities.
- To provide continuous personal support to our international students and when necessary direct them to the Registrar’s Office.
- To have a close consultation with partners and international representatives to help build a strong and positive relationship.
- To carry out university and dormitory registration procedures of prospective candidates.
- To take applications and follow up on the process until registration is completed.