About the Program

The Master program in International Relations teaches its students to think analytically on theories combining local studies and international relations. The program adopts an interdisciplinary approach as a requirement of the changing dynamics of the international system. In the MA Diploma program, students must take seven courses, undertake seminars and prepare an MA dissertation whereas in the MA Certificate program they must take ten courses and prepare a term project. The Theory of International Relations and the Problems of International Security are core modules in both programs. Elective courses cover modules such as Universal History, Political Philosophy, European Integration, Globalization and International Associations, Turkish-Greek Relations, Turkish Foreign Policy.

Education Opportunities

This program results in either a MA Diploma or MA Certificate which are the bases for further academic studies, mainly PhD in international relations or similar disciplines. The students can also apply for the integrated graduate program for International Relations PhD degree before completing their master thesis. The program has two options: thesis and without thesis.

Career Areas

International Relations master program diploma offers job opportunities in diplomacy, politics, bureaucracy, media and academy in both local and international areas. Although international organizations and the ministries of foreign affairs are the most suitable offices for the graduates, the diploma also provides good opportunities in different working areas such as media sector, or international private firms’ international relations departments.


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