About the Program

The aim of this program is to train personnel who can assess the mental, linguistic, motor, social and emotional development and self-care capabilities of children and offer support to families, the child and the society to improve this development process. The program aims to train professionals knowledgeable in both typically developing and atypically developing children as well as children in need of protection, hospitalized children, immigrant children and child laborers. Schooling rates in preschool education are intended to be raised to 100% within the education reform and it is predicted that the need for teacher assistants in sustaining preschool education will rise exponentially. In this program, it is preferred to train qualified child development personnel who improve thmeselves continually. Our students are educated in such a manner that they are expected to know all subfields of child development and be able to serve the people and institutions in the field.

Educational Opportunities

A strong staff has been prepared for this program academically. Students who are in this program can plan, prepare and carry out the activities most suitable for the develeopmental status of children; can communicate efficiently with the children, parents and other partners; can use technology efficiently in their field; can implement educational strategies, methods and techniques suitable for the developmental status and individual differences of children. The students, through their 2-years education, are trained by lecturers competent in their fields and they gain the knowledge and skills for their profession from the must reliable sources. The education in the clinic, practical courses and clinical practice will be carried out according to the principles and regulations of The Higher Education Council (YÖK).

Career Areas

Students who succesfully complete the program get an associate degree diploma and acquire the title “ Child Development Member of Profession”. Students who graduate from this program can be employed in preschool educational institutions affiliated with the ministry of education, private education institutions, child clinics affiliated with the ministry of health or institutions affiliated with the ministry of family and social policies. Graduates from this program have a high probability of employment due to the growing demand. Students, upon graduation, can continue their education in the undergraduate program of childhood development if they are succesfull in the DGS exam carried out by ÖSYM. The students can complete their associate degree to a bachelor’s degree and then continue education towards masters and Phd.


Cyprus International University
Vocational School of Health Sciences
Çevik Uraz Center, CU206
99258 Nicosia/TRNC
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension:2251
School E-mail: secretary-vhs@ciu.edu.tr
Director E-mail: fgokdogan@ciu.edu.tr


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