About the Program

In this program, students gain practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge while learning to use new technologies in an efficient way. For this purpose, a curriculum with project-based teaching, intensive laboratory work and expert instructors with industrial experience provides the necessary counseling. The program, which is prepared in a two-year education format, consists of theoretical and practical courses. Increased applied sections of computer and software courses of the program are organized to provide an undergraduate level of education. The aim of the program is to ensure that the students gain the necessary knowledge and skills for their future business life. Under the program; in addition to the basic courses such as database management, internet programming, and object oriented programming, free and technical elective courses are also available. Students are prepared for graduation by practicing internship and professional practice in this program.

Educational Opportunities

The Academic counselling service, that guides students for course selection and deals with educational problems, starts as soon as students register. The practical training, teaching and research of the students is carried out in various laboratories equipped with state of the art technology and with other support equipment in the software and hardware fields. Thus, students are given the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge. Apart from laboratories, course activities, and application studies, there are many databases available to the students that provide online access opportunities, as well as books in the library about the program that can be used by students to support their studies and research. In addition to these, the course internship (summer training in which students work for 30 days in a company) and seminars with discussions with sector experts, provide students with various learning opportunities and help them to apply their knowledge.

Career Areas

Bearing in mind the demands of today's globalized and digitized world and services sector and the need for advanced skills, the main aim of our department is to train technicians who can work in hardware and software projects in the field of computer and information technology, and who are capable of performing research and development while fulfilling their duties and responsibilities successfully. Our graduates have career opportunities in almost every sector, not only in the computer and information technology sectors. Some of these are; developing computer applications, designing and programming web sites, updating databases and software computer installation and maintenance, computer network installation and maintenance, developing applications for mobile devices, developing object-oriented analysis and design, and project development.


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