Our faculty started its education in the 2011-2012 academic year with 5 year MPharm and 6 year PharmD degrees. In addition, our faculty, which has been accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (Nigeria Pharmacy Council) since 2017, offers its students national and international education opportunities.


The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to train pharmacists who are competent in the fields of synthesis, classification, pharmaceutical formulation, manufacture and quality control of pharmaceutical active substances, physical, chemical, pharmacological, toxicological properties, and analysis of pharmaceutical products. In addition, patient are able to be informed through all  stages from initial consultation to the final stage necessary for the patient and all the necessary information can be transferred to the patient.

The basic vision of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Cyprus International University is to contribute to society in cooperation with local and international institutions and the pharmaceutical industry, by following the latest scientific developments, producing knowledge and providing education in the light of this knowledge. The Faculty of Pharmacy aims to keep the quality at the highest level and offers an environment in which there is democratic, secular, equipped academic staff in the management and human relations, and prioritize scientific and an equal approach to each individual. In cooperation with the national and international scientific community to be a pioneer faculty in the field of education, teaching and scientific development with quality education staff by contribute to scientific research, open to innovation, ethical values, closely follow scientific developments, contribute to science, have a critical thinking structure, prioritize public health and consciousness, and educate pharmacists with social responsibility. 


The Faculty of Pharmacy offers 5-year MPharm and 6-year PharmD programs. In the PharmD program, the first 5 years are in parallel with the MPharm program, and in the 6th Year of the program with the application and internship is a program that consists of further classes. Our program, which is accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (Nigeria Pharmacy Council), focuses on laboratory studies as well as theoretical courses. In addition to the courses offered by our expert training staff, our students have the opportunity to concentrate on their preferred branches by preparing a graduation project in the last year under the supervision of expert staff.