Dear Students,
Today's businesses are known to use and utilize information technology in almost every field of study. Depending on the work areas, there is a need for well qualified staff who can use and apply technology in order to facilitate the transition of technology to enterprises and to use technology-based business management.

The vision that high school students have, determined in accordance with these expectations, means there is a need to provide students with education in computer, information technology and management systems equipped with quality and up-to-date information on relevant research and applications for business life. We aim to meet the needs of industry, to train individuals equipped with theoretical and practical skills, able to use computer and information technologies effectively, follow new developments in the field of the profession, have the ability to develop themselves, have professional ethical responsibility, and are ready to work in teams and contribute to their workforce. Our students are in a position to contribute to the sustainable development of the regional and national environment by producing information and technology, using the information produced for the benefit of their country and society.

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin YARATAN

Director, School of Applied Sciences