About the Program

The content of this program is designed to provide students the required scientific background of management systems, business and information technologies in this global competitive business environment and enable them to work on scientific research studies. Courses and research projects of this program are designed to provide the necessary background for students in implementation, development and application of management information systems. This program has thesis and non-thesis options which are both offer a variety of courses including Organizational Management, Information Systems and Technologies, System Analysis and Design, Database Management Systems and Business Intelligence. Besides, students benefit from educational activities including applied projects, conferences and seminars.

Education Opportunities

Students in this Management Information Systems program, use computer laboratories which are equipped with advanced technologies and various digital applications to apply the theoretical knowledge received in classroom environments. Working with experts in various research areas help students to build knowledge about scientific research, the development of methodologies, writing and presentation techniques as well as prepare for their future careers. For an instance, students use real life data from industry on Oracle Business Intelligence Software to apply their theoretical knowledge received in Business Intelligence course. As another example, students use Wacom tablet to carry out research on e-signature applications which are commonly used in business world today. Additionally, other research areas include e-commerce, e-learning, e-business, data mining and business intelligence.

Career Areas

Students who graduate from this program will master developing information technologies that will help them to continuously improve themselves. Besides, Management Information Systems experts are dynamic who create a good connection between people and computers, and have good relationships with people from all levels. Therefore, graduates of this program mainly will have opportunity to work in information management centers, project development, research and development centers, software and programming, and consultancy sections of companies, governmental offices and non-profit organizations. Examples for job positions include, management information system expert or consultant or coordinator, project manager, data or system analyst and database administrator.


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