Asst. Prof. Dr. Carolina VIOLA PETRY


  • University Göttingen (Germany) School of Logopedics (Undergrad , 1982-1985)
  • University Bremen (Germany) Cultural Studies& German Studies (Master , 1990-1995)
  • University Bremen Cultural Studies (Phd , 1996-2000)
  • The Need to Construct the perfect Child. In: Kusch, James (Ed.). Knowledge,, Differences and Identity in the Time of Globalization. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011, p.167-180
  • Islamic Traditions in Cypriot Turkish Families. In: Grothusen, Klaus-Detlev (Ed.) Handbook on South-Eastern Europe, Vandenhoek&Ruprecht, Vol VIII, 1998, p.693-702
  • Famagusta and its Image in Historical Travel Literature. In: Journal of Cyprus Studies, Vol.10 No.26/27, 2004, p.85-98
  • Between Two Worlds. The Cypriot Turks between Tradition and Modernity. Berlin, Mensch und Buch, 2000
  • Goethe's Travel to Cyprus: A fictive Travel Account/ Travel Modalities and Perceptions in 18th cc ongoing
  • Cultural Anthropology, Cypriot Turkish Popular Culture, Historical Travel Literature, Cultural Semiotics, Logopedics
  • Business & Administration Faculty Course Coordinator 2012-2013
  • Social Work Department Acting Head 2013-2014