Affordable and Clean Energy

Energy and Divestment Policy

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Sustainability Plan and Process

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Energy Wastage Identification

Annually, we conduct an audit of one of the university’s buildings. For instance, these audits have been realized for Education and Humanities Center building and Soli accommodation building. Click to see the detailed information. 

Local Community Outreach for Energy Efficiency

Cyprus International University is dedicated to reaching people and informing the community about energy efficiency and clean energy. For this, a number of events have been organized. Some of the notable events we organized can be listed and seen below. Click to see more events. 

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100% Renewable Energy Pledge

Cyprus International University recognizes that its activities significantly impact the environment locally and globally. Thus, the university has representatives in energy-related organizations such as the TRNC-Chamber of electrical engineers Energy committee and Joint Energy Working Group. It actively promotes 100% renewable energy through its meetings (See Appendix 1) and targets 100% renewable energy. Currently, the University generates around 30 % of its energy through renewable energy resources and plans to increase it to 100% after the biogas project is completed (See Appendix 2). Cyprus International University pledged to use 100% renewable energy sources within the Campus. Click to see the summarized information about the current renewable sources on campus.

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Energy Efficiency Services for Local Industry

For Levent Brick Factory, load analysis is carried out and a 650kW solar PV system is installed on the roof of the factory according to this analysis. 

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These installations can be seen below in the pictures. 


Policy development for clean energy technology

Cyprus International University has a strong relationship with the government and contributes to policy development for clean energy technology. Some of the key contributions are as follows:

Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu a representative of the Cyprus International University is part of the OEÇG “joint energy working group”. Among others, the joint energy working group is responsible for policy development for the Ministry of Economy and Energy. Also, amongst other areas of energy policies, renewable energy is also included in the responsibilities of the group (See Appendix 1).

Furthermore, the CIU has a representative on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers (Ministry of Economy and Energy) (2021-2022).

The Cyprus International University also has representatives in the Chamber of Electrical Engineers Energy Policy Committee to support the government to develop clean energy policies (See Appendix 2) (2021-2022).

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Assistance to low-carbon innovation

Start-ups consisting of Ph.D. students who apply to the CIU Sustainable Office are trained and consulted by CIU expert trainers on low carbon economy and technology by Sustainable Energy Research Center (SERC).

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