Law on Student Amnesty

Amendments on the Law on Student Amnesty

Citizens of the TRNC, TR and nationals of other countries studying at the Preparatory Class, Associate Degree, Undergraduate Completion, Undergraduate, Pedagogical Formation, Postgraduate, Proficiency in Art;

This amendment involves: 

  1.  Those who were dismissed from the Institutes of Higher Education due to failure to succeed, economic reasons, or as a personal preference
  2.  Those who did not register although s/he had the right to do registration

However, when a student

  1.  Transfers from a university not recognized by YÖK, and his/her registration is revoked. 
  2.  Is involved in terrorist activity, even if amnestied; convicted of theft, fraud, rape and similar disgraceful crimes
  3.  Is deported from the TRNC and/or have a ban on entry to the TRNC she/he is excluded from this amendment. 

After this law comes into effect, those who are covered by the law will be able to use their rights by applying to the institution of higher education. Whether the scholarship status of the students benefiting from the amnesty will continue or not will be determined by the Board of Trustees / University Administrative Board or the Senate.

Application process and procedures;

  1.   Those who are within the scope of this law can apply to the University within 5 months from date this law goes into effect,
  2.   Those who were in the military on the date the law came into effect can apply within 6 months following the date of discharge and benefit from the right to amnesty,    
  3.   Those who were pregnant on the date this law came into effect, will benefit from the right by applying within a year following the first 6 months after delivery. 
  4.  Those who are within the scope of this law but have immigration penalty can benefit from this law when they benefit from the immigration amnesty law; but those who are eligible to benefit from this law but are not in the TRNC at the time, can benefit from the immigration amnesty until February 3rd, 2023.

Note: Date of effect is 18th November 2022.

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