60th Library Week Celebration

Cyprus International University (CIU) Library Directorate organized a series of events on the occasion of the 60th Library Week. 

The 60th anniversary of the Library Week was celebrated with the theme "Colorful culture, rich history, preservation of cultural heritage" which was determined specifically for the Island.

CIU Library Director Özlem Araz emphasized the important cultural heritage of the island of Cyprus in the events held throughout the week as well as the role of libraries in preserving cultural richness and transferring it to future generations.

While providing information about this year's celebrations, Araz said, “This year, we took the initiative to organize the opening program in cooperation with the Association of University and Research Libraries. At the opening, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolga Çakmak from Hacettepe University’s Department of Information and Records Management made a presentation on 'Digitalization and libraries’." 

Araz also stated that within the scope of the events, Şirin Zaferyıldızı Zaimoğlu, the Director of the Directorate of Culture, was given a briefing  on library culture and ongoing activities on the island to enhance this concept, and ARUCAD lecturer Hakan Karahasan talked about publishing in Cyprus and his book 'The Little Prince' which was translated into Cypriot Turkish. 

Araz pointed out that CIU Library Club organized some activities within the scope of the 60th Library week, and stated that an interview was held with İsmail Akbaba, who is not only a  writer but a student as well. 

In addition to panels and talks, Araz noted they organized a Book Covers Exhibition and book reading activity at CIU Nature Cafe where they tried to emphasize the importance of making book reading a habit thanks to these events.

Reminding that the last event of Library Week was the book reading session held in Büyük Han, Araz said, "The participants had the opportunity to learn that libraries are not only places where books are kept but are also important tools for the transfer and preservation of cultural heritage."