Health Sciences

Achieving an equitable and accessible health services

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Health Sciences, Child Development Program Chair Dr. Buse Erzeybek stated that World Health Day, celebrated every year on April 7, aims to to raise awareness among  individuals and societies on health issues, and noted that, as CIU Faculty of Health Sciences, they believe that this day is of great importance in emphasizing the importance of healthy life and in drawing attention to the difficulties encountered in accessing health services. 

While the World Health Organization (WHO) states that health cannot only be defined as the absence of disease and disability, Erzeybek says, "We can actually define health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being."

Erzeybek added that this holistic approach means that every individual has the right to live a healthy life and that this right is a fundamental prerequisite for the sustainable development of societies.

Pointing out that there are many challenges faced globally in the field of healthcare today, Erzeybek said, “Chronic diseases and infectious diseases are increasing. At the same time, there are inequalities in accessing  health services.” 

Erzeybek also stated that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), affiliated with WHO, shared the information that there is an approximately 77 percent increase in cancer cases compared to 2022, and said, "Accordingly, it is predicted that the number of cancer patients will exceed 35 million by 2050."

Stating that tobacco and alcohol use, obesity, air pollution and environmental risk factors are among the most important reasons for this rise in cancer cases, Erzeybek said, "In order to overcome the difficulties encountered in this context, adopting healthy lifestyles, exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and having regular checkups are among the preventive measures that are of great importance." 

In her statement, Erzeybek stated that, within the scope of World Health Day, CIU Faculty of Health Sciences calls for implementation of positive changes to increase health awareness as well as to provide equitable and accessible health services for everyone, and said: "Remember, healthy individuals mean healthy societies. On this special day, we invite you to prioritize your health and encourage your loved ones to lead a healthy life."