Meaningful project from Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

A workshop with the slogan "Real friends do not count chromosomes" was held by Cyprus International University (CIU) School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Department of Gastronomy Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Club within the scope of  March 21st Down Syndrome Awareness Day.

In the workshop held at CIU Gastronomy Laboratory and Demo Taste Restaurant, pizzas and cookies were made by students in  CIU School of Tourism and Hotel Management as well as students and teachers from the Special Education Foundation (ÖZEV).

CIU School of Tourism and Hotel Management Director Prof. Dr. Orhan Uludağ stated that they aimed to bring together Tourism and Gastronomy students and ÖZEV students within the scope of the workshop and said, “Our aim is to increase the social responsibility awareness of our own students in this field and to contribute to the development of social skills and communication of students with Down syndrome in a different environment.” 

Pointing out that it is important to increase social awareness about children with special needs, Uludağ also stated that, as a university, they attach importance to organizing events in this direction in order to provide an environment and opportunity for these children to discover their potential.

Uludağ noted that the gastronomy event not only offers a delicious experience but also is an important step towards providing a more supportive understanding for children with Down Syndrome by increasing social awareness.

Uludağ pointed out that the children participating in the event had the opportunity to develop their manual skills, and added that thanks to this event,  Gastronomy Club students had the opportunity to support children in the process of discovering their potential.

The event organized with the slogan "Real friends do not count chromosomes" was attended by the Director and Assistant Director of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Prof. Dr. Uludağ and Dr. Zehra Saltık.  The event ended with presenting certificates of appreciation to the students and teachers from ÖZEV.