Artificial Intelligence Application


Artificial intelligence technologies, which have a history of about 50 years, have become very popular in recent years with the development of computer software and hardware and the fact that everyone can use them. New studies are being added to the artificial intelligence studies that have gained a lot of momentum in recent years and new applications are being made.

An artificial intelligence application and research center have been established within the university with the aim of collecting research on artificial intelligence and related researchers under one roof.

Mission and Vision

The center's mission is; to carry out scientific studies, research and development activities on artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and autonomous system applications. In addition, it is to provide the necessary training, consultancy, working environment and equipment for the University students to participate in the relevant competitions and to ensure the representation of the University.

The center's vision is; to support the development of artificial intelligence systems that will be used in the solution of current problems with the research and development first in the country and then all over the world. In addition to the studies of academicians, the activities carried out in the research center are also carried out with the studies of master's and doctoral students carried out under the management of academic advisors.

Carrying out academic activities by following current developments in artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, planning and carrying out qualified scientific and technological research, preparing the necessary opportunities and carrying out applications, organizing training and seminars, cooperating with private sector companies, and artificial intelligence supported pilot studies. is among the center's main fields of activity.

In the research center, studies are carried out in 4 main areas.

1) Object detection from image
When people look at a picture, they can immediately understand what the objects present in the picture are and how they are used. Visual analysis of people is precise and fast, performing various complex tasks in the blink of an eye. Developing systems with artificial intelligence to imitate human-like behavior has been one of the main topics of the informatics world for many years. Image analysis, which has a very wide application area, basically provides the definition of objects in the picture content. For example, the detection of road lines or damage on the road in road pictures taken while driving by car can be given as an example of picture analysis. In addition, images in a video can be converted into a set of images and the person in the image can be identified by analyzing their walking.

2) Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment analysis is the process of using natural language processing, text analysis and statistics to analyze whether a person has a positive or negative opinion about something. A good business can interpret the emotions of its customers, what people say, how they say it, and what it means. Satisfaction levels can be determined by collecting comments made by customers on social media or feedback from the company. Sentiment analysis can be analyzed not only from written or verbal expressions but also from facial expressions in pictures. NLP and machine learning methods and deep learning are the main methods used for sentiment analysis.

3) Natural language processing (NLP)
NLP enables computers to understand and interpret natural spoken and written language like humans. Whether the data source is spoken or written, natural language processing uses artificial intelligence to take and process word structures and their relationships to make sense of them in a way that a computer can understand. Natural language processing can be done differently in different languages due to language structures. For example, the method of finding the root of a word may differ from language to language. With the natural language processing method, it is possible to determine the author of an article, analyze the emotion in the article, summarize the article and what answer to give in response to the question asked.

4) Data science
With the development of technology and the transfer of almost all business processes to the digital platform, an increasing amount of data is constantly being generated in the information systems. These data can be created on different platforms and in different formats (text, image, database, Excel etc.). Data science is used to make predictions for the future from the data we have, with the process of processing these data, generating and visualizing data from the data.

Researchers can carry out their studies with Python, Java and MatLab through the high-end graphics card, CPU and RAM supported servers in the center.


Artificial Intelligence Application and Research Center
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