Work and Life Skills Development Project


The Cyprus International University (CIU) Work and Skills Development Project (WSDP) was created to provide students with the opportunity to meet the business world and work with the professionals of the sector, while they are studying. The project aims to train students to be better equipped and to obtain work experience in a competitive business environment after graduation. CIU is one of the many companies operating in various fields and working for the development and growth of the Levent Group of Companies, which is one of the most rooted brands in Northern Cyprus. CIU provides its students with direct real-life opportunities in various sectors, with the aim of gaining them experience under the supervision of expert mentors from finance to agriculture, in accordance to their education and interests. The project is open to all CIU students who want to start shaping their careers while studying. CIU WSDP is not an internship program, it is a dynamic process that allows you to get to know and experience the sector of your interest, directly.


While planning your career, it is very important to determine the sector in accordance to your interests, abilities, and values. In this direction, WSDP will assist students in determining their goals and the steps to be taken in reaching these goals. 


Before making an application for a place in the CIU Work and Skills Development Project (WSDP), please check this website for the specific requirements with relation to the position you are interested in. The requirements vary according to the position.

You can apply online at the ‘Apply’ section for the project, which will help students gain skills by enabling them to come together with distinguished professionals from the sectors in which the Levent Group of Companies is involved, in order to improve their career lives.

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Work and Life Skills Development Project Team
Project Coordinator: Asst.Prof.Dr. Ahmet Sami Boşnak
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 Extension: 2669 - 2670