Dear Library Users, plagiarism program was created in Turkey to locate similarities in academic studies is open for trial access until 31st December 2019. Best regards All our academicians and students can register on

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Annual Reviews (AR) has opened its magazines for free until Thursday, April 30, 2020 to assist students and researchers working and studying remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Access Address: Annual Reviews (AR) Database

To support the COVID-19 epidemic and coronaviruses affecting the whole world, Brill publishing has opened books and articles on subjects such as public health, remote education and crisis research. If new content on the topic is published, it will be added to this collection.

Access Address: Brill Publishing
Epidemics and crisis research past and present
Strategies for containment
Building solidarity and resilience in times of crisis
Home-schooling and distance learning

When the researchers click on the abbreviated EKUAL Discovery Permanent Connection mentioned below, "Covid-19" scanning will be done automatically in all databases within the scope of EKUAL and "recently published refereed scientific articles" will be listed. Also, e-resources outside of the scope of EKUAL can also be scanned.

Access Address: EKUAL Discovery Permanent Connection (with IP access):

When the researchers click on the abbreviated EKUAL Discovery Permanent Connection mentioned below, "Covid-19" scanning will be done automatically in all databases within the scope of EKUAL and "recently published refereed scientific articles" will be listed. Also, e-resources outside of the scope of EKUAL can also be scanned.

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It is an Ottoman language education and practice in the style of play with "write and see what you see" tests prepared by examining the applications that provide language education services in the world.
The e-Ottoman lessons provide students personal feedback and exercise aiming to prepare them to get the most out of their classroom education.
Through our dashboard, teachers can now watch all their students in one place.
With e-Ottoman application, one can have;
- A Personalized Education: e-Ottoman courses are from beginner to advanced level. The users can determine their level and unlock the password of courses at higher levels.
-Courses with Special Content: We teach 1000 words, 85 lessons and over 900 sentences with the lessons we have prepared especially for e-Ottoman. Also, we have courses for the line of writing, which is used in printed works, and the Rica line used in archive documents. You can start your education in the fastest way by choosing the right course for you.
- A Certificate: Rate your command of Ottoman Turkish and writing styles with e-Ottoman. Get the free e-Ottoman Language Certificate by giving correct answers to the tests prepared from the A1 level to the C2 level. You can also get the print out of the certificate (Şehadetname), prepared specifically on your name.
- An Access to Academic Additional Resources: We have developed a Turkish-to-Turkish online translation program with a spelling guide for academics working in the academic field. At the same time, using the "Translation" tab, users can translate the text they add according to their categories to contribute to their development along with getting the free translation of the text they want to be translated.

Access Address: eOttoman

It is an enormous dictionary that provides language, genre, meaning and etymological information of Turkish or Ottoman words, finds the searched word, its equivalents and derivatives in digital libraries, at the same time, it resolves the word that is difficult to read and enables the conversion of old measurement methods.
With the Wordx application, we can;
- Find the meanings and spelling of Turkish and Ottoman words among 450,000 words,
- Search in dictionaries such as Kamus-i Türki, Kamusu'l-Muhit, Vankulu Lügatı, Dictionary of Names, Phrase, and Idioms,
- Ability to analyze deleted or illegible words with the parser feature,
- Calculate and measure weight, length, calendar, etc. used during the Ottoman Empire and
- It is possible to translate text from Turkish to Ottoman Turkish or from Ottoman Turkish to Turkish.

Access Address: Kelimex

Turkish electronic book database, HyperBook, has been opened for a trial access. In HyperBook, more than 300 publishers have more than 22,000 full-text e-books under 30 main topics from history to literature, mathematics to philosophy and law to engineering. Also, HyperBook includes reference resources such as atlases, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. HyperBook also takes place in academic publications of leading Turkish universities. In addition, viewing more than 22,000 e-books in HyperBook, users can also borrow the books through Android and iOS supported devices. Thus, they can use e-books without the need for internet access. With the "My Library" feature, they can create their libraries in HyperBook, take notes on e-book pages, print and share, and cite in different formats.

Access Address: Hyperbook Database

Taylor & Francis, one of the world's leading academic publishers, has enabled open access to all of its publications in order to contribute to the coronavirus outbreak process. All journal articles and book sections related to Coronavirus can be accessed via the guidelines provided in the link below:

Access Address: Taylor& Francis

Taylor & Francis, a leading publisher of reliable science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences research, is providing assistance to public health officials, researchers, clinicians and the public to prevent and manage the spread of COVID-19. This microsite provides references to all relevant COVID-19 research articles, book sections and information available for free via below address Taylor & Francis Online, as well as links to Taylor & Francis e-books that support global efforts to diagnose, treat, prevent and further investigate COVID-19. We are constantly monitoring developments related to coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19 and will continue to update the content regularly through this site.

Access Address: Taylor& Francis Online

In the database package accessed through TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM EKUAL EBSCOhost, some changes were made and the numbers of journals that can be searched were increased from 13,353 to more than 20,100 journals. This collection, which consists of 26 different databases in total, offers many other document types as full text in addition to journals such as eBooks, conference papers, SWOT analyses and reports.
Changes Made to the Package:
1. Instead of Academic Search Complete, Academic Search Ultimate, the most comprehensive version, has been added.

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2. Business Source Complete has been removed, but the most comprehensive version, Business Source Ultimate, has been added.

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3. Central & Eastern European Academic Source has just been added to the package.

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4. The Belt and Road Initiative Reference Source has just been added to the package.

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5. Business Periodicals Index Retrospective: 1913-1982 has just been added to the package.

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In the link, a document containing the most up-to-date information on all databases in its package is presented to your attention.
Important Note: Access links of databases should be copied directly from the e-mail or document sent. Please do not click the link first and then copy the browser link, it will not work.

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