About the Department

Communication and Media Studies Doctoral Program is designed to discuss issues, trends, thoughts, and theories in the area of communication which play and important role in our modern indivual and social life, as well as contribute to the professional application of this knowledge with detailed studies. The main objective of the program is to raise graduates who are capable of producing original ideas with good knowledge and skills of research methods necessary for the field, and who can analyze, and discuss the latest developments, perspectives, thoughts, and theories with distinctive analythical and critical theoretical studies which respect occupational, and ethical codes in the subfields of mass communication, like Radio-Film and Television, Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, New Media-Social Media.

Education Opportunities

All the courses in this program such as the Economic Politics of Communication Networks, News Sociology, Communication Policies, Political Communications and Propaganda, Rhetoric, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Social Gender and Media, Strategic Communication, Integrated Communication, Comparative Communication Systems, Investigative Hollywood Genres– are elective in order to allow students to concentrate on their areas of interest. Students must take seven courses and a seminar and, if they pass all these courses they have to be successful in qualifying examinations in order to proceed to the final phase, Thesis. The Qualifying Examinations consists of two stages: Written and Oral. Juries are established for these examinations comprising of internal and external professors. Students who pass Qualifying Examinations, prepare, under a supervisor, a doctorate dissertation that contributes to the literature.

Career Areas

Communication and Media Studies Doctoral Program is designed to raise Ph.D. graduates who want to reach the highest level in science, doctorate, with original thesis related to the area of communication. The program also aims to lead knowledge and skills to the outmost boundaries necessary for the field of professional communication. Graduates of the Communication and Media Studies Doctoral Program have the opportunity to make their careers in the following fields:
• Academics in public, or, private educational institutions
• Supervisor in the professional communication sector, editor, editor in chief, media planning specialist, Correspondent/agent coordinator, senior media analyst, sales supervisor, advertising/commercial director, advertising/commercial agent, budget analyst, Representative for field sales, video editor.
• High ranking manager in public relations and advertising agencies.
• Manager in Film and video production companies.


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