Cyprus International University (CIU) Computer Center (CC) was established at the same time with CIU, in 1997 (IT) performs a duty to provide resources in general for the university's strategic priorities, consistent IT services, safe and easy to use and efficient use of these services and information resources.

CC makes the most of the developing information technologies, follows the developments in this area continuously and spend our lives in line with the needs of our university; is working to provide support on education, teaching and academic research. All our academic and managerial staff as well as our students benefit from the latest technologies and offers all the support needed to maximize efficiency in their work.

Fields of Work

CC develops software needed by the university both for the managerial and educational and research services, network infrastructure planning. It provides not only technical support needed for information, but also hardware. Uninterrupted operation of the services offered has always been the priority of the CC.

It is the responsibility of the CC to design, build, operate and manage the data communication infrastructure required throughout the campus. It is also the task of the BİM to operate the telephone infrastructure needed to provide both on-campus and off-campus communications.

CC is also responsible for ensuring that all necessary IT security measures are in place and that these measures are up-to-date.