Cyprus International University (CIU) News Agency, founded in 2007, is the unit responsible for following, reporting and photographing the events that take place within the university. The crew responsible for gathering, writing and photographing news is comprised solely of the university’s students. Even though it is preferred that the students selected for the news agency are from the Journalism Department or the Faculty of Communication, social and dynamic students skilled in communication from any other faculty with an interest in journalism or photography can be a part of the agency. It is not necessary for the students that will apply to work in the agency to know the techniques of news writing or photography on a professional level. The students found eligible for being a part of the agency are taught the techniques of news gathering, news writing and photography by the Agency News Coordinator and the Agency News Supervisor.

Working Areas

The news gathered and reported by the Cyprus International University (CIU) News Agency are prepared focusing solely on the university itself. All the events organized, practices initiated and studies done by the faculties, vocational schools, units and centers of the CIU are reported by the news agency. In addition, the news about the published articles, books and participated proceedings by the CIU academic staff, which are among the principle goals of universities, are reported. All the news prepared by the CIU News Agency are delivered to the local press daily by the CIU Public Relations Unit. Moreover, the official CIU Newspaper is published every semester, using the news reported and photographs taken by the students.

Provided Services

Cyprus International University (CIU) News Agency provides three main services which are offering practice opportunities, informing, and archiving. The agency’s mission of top priority can be summarized as providing the students of the Department of Journalism with the opportunity of practicing the profession of journalism, which they learn about in theory in classrooms, in a professional setting. All the technical equipment the students need to take photographs and to write news are provided by the university administration. The agency also provides an important service regarding the profession of journalism’s most fundamental function, which is “informing”. All the information about the university, along with the information on studies done within the university can be found within the news reported. Lastly, the agency serves as the university’s activity archive, by keeping record of all the news prepared within the body of the news agency.


CIU News Agency
Çevik Uraz Center, A 119
99258 Nicosia/North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey
Tel: +90 392 671 1111 (ext 2315)